Monday, July 18, 2011

My Android App Collection

These are the apps I use on my phone, and most of them are free except for few, If you too like it, just install and enjoy.

Most of them are useful on daily basis, and I usually don’t keep redundant useless applications, so you can be sure of the usefulness of them, and finally it all depends on your need, so may be some of them are not needed for you.


Ever note is mostly useful if you have lot of things to note down in life, and you use multiple devices to update and view your note, then this is the best application for you, it stores notes on cloud, so you can access on computer and android using suitable clients.

Available on android market for free, the free version has monthly 60MB storage limit, but that’s more than enough for any heavy use cases.


Drop box is useful when you want to share your documents across devices, such as home computer, office, and mobile. If it’s a simple note, you can use ever note, but when it’s a document you can go ahead with drop box, it’s a free app, and you also get a windows client for your computer, with 2GB data limit, which is mostly enough, if you need more space, you can upgrade to premium user. The Microsoft SkyDrive sync storage also does the same work, but because the document cannot be accessed on mobile, this has an edge when you also want to access few documents on your phone.


Sound Hound is an application which records the audio you are listening to and then searches in the sound tag data base to find out which album and song it is, so if you are listening to some song on FM and not able to recognize which song it is this comes for help, just click sound hound and find out the song, you need wi-fi or data connection for this tagging to work. Its pretty much better than the Shaazan application, which use to crash or freeze for me in my Galaxy SL.

Saavn Music

Saavn Music is for Hindi music lovers, if you have an Wi-Fi on 3G then you can listen to any of the Hindi songs, you don’t have to store them on your phone. It also has an option to choose most played songs of the week and random songs to give you surprise. It’s a free application. It can also be accessed by web on you computer, if you create a login with them you can keep track of your favorites and you can also make your own play lists.


CSipSimple is an open source SIP client for android, and it has lot of features which you need to explore by using it. It is an application basically for making voip calls directly from your phone without using a computer or laptop. I have configured my nymgo account with this so I can make nymgo calls from here, It works pretty well on the GPRS/EDGE connection as well. If it does not work for you check your provides audio codec settings and you can easily fix it to work.

Free SMS Sender

Free SMS Sender is an awesome application I found recently, its based on free SMS gateways such as etc. The main advantage of this application is that it is very similar GUI as that of the native application, and may be little better, it also updates the same data base of SMS which native application does, so they are inter operable, and hence you have lot of flexibility. You just need to configure your gateway for sms and you are done, keep sending SMS for free. Best part is this application is free and ad free.

IM  Pro

IM+ Pro is really an awesome IM application, which supports most of the messaging protocols including Jabber, You can use it as Yahoo messenger, facebook chat, google talk, and lot more. The reason I bought this is I wanted to use it for my official messenger, which is a jabber based, it works very good with IM+ and the free version has ads to its kind of irritating, and so this is the perfect companion. I also use it with FB, because it way better than the chat provided by the FB official application.

Cisco Webex Meetings

Cisco WebEx Meetings is an android client for attending WebEx meetings, its such an awesome thing that you can attend meetings and watch presentations wherever you are right on your phone. You can watch the scheduled meetings, create new ones and chat with the attendees, and best part is you can get a call back on your phone, you don’t need to open your laptop just for attending some meeting. That rocks!, if you are a cisco employee, you need get a separate password for your account from GTRC support, as the original password does not work for security reasons.

Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner is mostly not useful in India as it does not recognize any of the barcodes on products to give details about product, it just reads and gives some number. It would be useful when used to scan OR codes for links which are either printed on paper or on some websites. And may be if you frequently travel outside if might come handy, I am not very sure. But its kind of must have application, you may need it sometime.

Social Apps

Facebook for Android

Facebook for Android, If you love social networking, then may be you are on FB, then you can download this application. It’s the official Facebook application on android. Its pretty cool, but some things you cannot do on this application, you may have to open the web page to do it. But overall it is enough for your social activities on FB. For FB chat use the IM+ mentioned above, that’s much better.


Twitter, I don’t use this application or the twitter much, but may be some day I would use it ! So I keep it for a while, until I decide myself that its of no use.

But to be honest, lot of people like to twit and for them this is the official application, its pretty good and stable. so go ahead and use it.


Google+ is the social networking application from Google for their Google+ website. This is pretty much new, but looks good and promising. There are few issues with this application as of now, like you don’t get notifications until you open the app. In a way its good, but it’s a bug. It also comes with another sub app called Huddle, with which you can do group chat over Google talk, and that’s pretty cool though I have never used it.

Google Docs

Google Docs is the client for Google docs on android, and possibly Google realized lately that we should also have an application for docs, so as to provide access to the docs from phone in a much better way.

In fact this is pretty good, and it has it’s own PDF viewer. Its still in early stages, but works well for me. I was waiting for this app from the day I bought my phone. Go for it.

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