Monday, October 3, 2011

Install Polaris Office of Galaxy S2 on Galaxy SL i9003

Polaris office is one of the office suite for mobile, similar to the many available for mobile phones. Galaxy SL comes with think free office, which is also good, but formatting, editing are much better in Polaris office. 

You need to have root for installing this application, as it needs to be installed in system folders. I have referred to this post of xda for installation and also downloaded from the link provided there.

Here is the procedure to follow to install the same

1. Extract the files from compressed file
2. Copy apk from app to /system/app
3. Copy files from lib folder to /system/lib

You may have to free some space in /system folder as that partition is of limited size, and you may need to delete unwanted applications and may be you can delete the think free application.


  1. Thanks for that,
    I guess I need to re instal it. My Galaxy S2 lately bought was under Android 2.3.3, Polaris was perfectly working. Kies last week-end (in France) proposed to upgrade it to 2.3.4. Waiting for ICS the original version, I accepted.
    BUT since that upgrade, Polaris seems not to work perfectily and crashing while trying to open Excel Spreadsheets... I tried to restore it with Titanium (it's rooted), no change at all. Polaris asks me each time to force to close it, precising something concerning the process "com.infraware.polarisoffice". the report says it's a crash (no doubt, I confirm),the package version is 91, the package version name is : 3.0 build 3091ZD.
    My question is : Could I uninstall the original version, and install the yours ?....

    Thanks for an answer


  2. Once you have updated to 2.3.4 I guess you have to manually remove polaris office and then restart the phone. and Add polaris office as mentioned in the above post again, it should resolve the issue, as such 2.3.4 have no issues with polaris office, I have been using polaris office on 2.3.4

    1. please help me to how recover i polaris office?i mistakely uninstall the polaris office.I am samsung galaxy s2 with the upadate of ICS

  3. Please install as mentioned in the post, it needs your phone to be rooted, search in net for how to root your phone.