Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How to delete OEM Recovery Partition

I had Sony Vaio, installed with windows vista, and since these days the laptops dont come with the Operating system and device driver CD, they usually give a backup facility, for which they reserve a partion, and hence that space cannot be utilized.

Recently I have upgraded to Windows 7, and I dont need this partition anymore, so I wanted to remove the partition, I could have done it easily while installing windows 7, but once its installed, it cannot be directly removed from with the windows using the Computer Management program in windows. We need to used the command prompt version of Disk Partition utility.

Here is a guide to do the same,

Open the Diskpart application by either typing in "Diskpart" (without the quotation marks) into the search, or type "Diskpart.exe" into Run by pressing the Windows key + R.

Now with Diskpart open, you must enter the following command lines:
  • Type "list disk" without the quotation marks and press enter.
  • Type in "select disk 0" and press enter.
  • Then type in "list partition" and press enter.
  • Then type in "select partition x" x=the recovery partition you wish to delete, replace x with the recovery partition number and press enter.
  • Then finally type in "delete partition override" and press enter.
That should do the trick.

1 comment:

  1. Tried this, got an error:

    "Virtual Disk Service support:
    This operation is not supported by the object.

    The specified command or parameters are not supported on this system."

    I'm on Windows 8.