Monday, June 27, 2011

Windows Live Writer for Blog

I have been struggling to post into my blog from Microsoft Word 2007, as it would be a nightmare to write a article in word and format it once, and again do the same in Blogger, just because it has different formatting, and it cannot be a just copy paste for that matter.

On a Monday evening, I wanted to post some stuff which went into few pages on the word, so I did not feel like formatting again on the blogger, after a an hour of research I understand that MS Word 2007 does not have full support for blogging from word, including picture, so its no point trying it.

There is something called, Windows Live Writer, which is a MS tool which can be used to blog, which also supports adding pictures, So I downloaded and configured it, and this one is sample post from the Writer, and also to give some information about the live writer.

Live writer comes with the Live essential tools, which comes free (mostly for legal version of windows). It can be downloaded from here.

There is one thing you need to remember while configuring for the first time, do not give the blog address correctly, just give http://text. Otherwise it seem to mess up things, later in steps things can be configured manually. So don’t worry. All the best. Happy Blogging.

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