Monday, July 18, 2011

My Favorite Android Games

There are thousands of games out there in market most of them are paid or free, but which one do you like, I did refer to people’s blog to find it out, and many like variety of games. But here is the list of paid and free games which I liked, and I play almost every day.

Angry Birds RioAngry Birds Rio is a variant of original Angry birds, so obviously it’s a FUN game, here you have different types of levels which makes it more attractive compared to the original game. They keep updating, so more fun to come in future. It’s free game but comes with Ads, if you disable the data connection while playing this game then you won’t see any ads, that’s the best way to deal with it.

Angry Birds SeasonsAngry Birds Seasons is another variant where in you can play them in different seasons such as Christmas, in snow falls etc., more or less same as the original one, but here you have some bonus levels if you complete all levels in 3 stars, so kind of challenging and keeps the game spirit on till the end of the game

Angry BirdsAngry Birds (Original) is a fun game, and you will get addicted to this game so fast that every night you have to play this before going to sleep, that’s the level of addiction.

Its whole aim is to use some physics knowledge and make the birds jump on the pigs and destroy them, who takes the eggs of these birds. There will be so many obstacles when you try to destroy them, so plan well and achieve the goal.


Bebbled may not be interesting to that extent, but it’s a good time pass game. There is a target pointes to be made for each level, and until you make those many points you wont be allowed to go to next level. You need to touch the bubbles of the same color to make them disappear and make points out of it. More bubbles of same colors come together the more points you get.

Bonsai Blast

Bonsai Blast is the ZUMA game which we use to play in computers, where there would be a FROG at the center and colored balls would come and you need to shoot them before reaching the end point. If you make the balls of same color count more than three, then they disappear, lot more weapons etc., are there but you need to install it to explore. It is good one, but not as good as the ZUMA, but still a time pass game.

Bubble Blast 2

Bubble Blast 2, I have never played the first version. This one has lot of levels, may be I would never be able to complete. Its just a time pass game, you don’t need to know anything, and its very difficult to plan the game also, but over all it’s a time pass game. Keep touching the bubbles and they grow and finally blast, there are some restrictions on the number of touches you need to finish blasting all the bubbles, sometimes if becomes so difficult that you may have to take an hint. Only one hint per day.

Klondike Solitaire

Klondike Solitaire  is the best solitaire game I have come across for android devices, and this one is simple and intuitive, and easy to use game. A very good time pass game. Levels are somewhat difficult.

Just disable the data connections, else the ads would be irritating.

Magic Marker

Magic Marker is not a game, but it’s a FUN app, with which you can make your phone a drawing board, and draw in different colors, which come as magic lights. If you want to write something and show to someone special may be this would come in handy.

I have the pretty old version which does not have ads, but recent version comes with ads, so you may have some irritating ads popping up in the screen.

Need for Speed Shift

Need For Speed (NFS) Shift, if you are a fan of NFS and or a fan of racing, then this is one game you must buy, such an awesome graphics and such a wonderful game play, you would love it.

There are different tracks and different cars. You need to buy the cars from the money you make from racing and build your career.

Paper Toss

Paper Toss is an game for time pass when you don’t have any work to do. It’s as simple as throwing a paper into a dust bin.

There are different levels such as office, toilet, airport, basement etc., where the distance would be different and the fan would be placed in different locations.

Pool Master Pro

Pool Master Pro is the best pool game I have come across for android. It has such awesome graphics that you keep playing and get addicted to it.

There is one more game which is 3D but then its not as good as this. Its free and ad free. So go for it.


Slice It

Slice it! is a game mostly for kids, but still it’s a FUN game you can play. You will be given objects of different shape and you need to slice them into N equal parts by certain number of counts.

Initially the game would be easier, and it keeps becoming complex as you go up. You may have to check your geometric skills once again. Its not as simple as slicing a piece of cake. Mind it!

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