Saturday, December 10, 2011

Configuring CSipSimple SIP client on Galaxy SL for Nymgo

Here is the configuration to be done. These is carefully written to cover most of the points and a hastle free experience when you do the setup. You can refer to site, they have given some basic info, it would serve as reference.

First when adding account, you need to select the Basic Wizard.
Menu Key -> Accounts  -> Add Account  -> Generic Wizards -> Basic

  • Account Name: Nymgo
  • User: Nymgo User Name
  • Server: (no need to give port number even though we knows its 80, it would be taken care by wizard, and if you give, it seems to be not working for me)
  • Password: Nymgo Password.
You are almost done !! 

Next thing is that, we should be using UDP for communication, so 

Menu Key (Left Soft Key in Galaxy S) -> Settings -> Network
Do the following settings -> UDP port number set as 5060

Stun should be on -> set it to

Set Networks for All outgoing calls.

Settings -> Media
* You need to disable all codecs except below ones
   G729 8Khz (Wideband)
   G729 HKhz (Narrowband)
* Use Samsung Galaxy Hack [ checked ]
* Micro / Speaker amplification can be used if audio is very low, I have used mirco to 5 and audio as it is.

Settings -> Call options
Caller id -> Set to your own number, if you have used caller id feature in Nymgo.

Settings -> Filters 
These can be used when you have enabled the Android integration, and can be used to make sure all numbers starting with +91 (India) can be made to go through phone dialer and International calls through Nymgo, I have enabled it, but its optional, let me know if you have any questions here.

Once the configuration is done, dial 111 from your SIP dialer and wait for Nymgo test service, and you would be able to test if you configuration is working fine, if you could hear your own voice back after recording, then you are ready to use nymgo, feel free to drop your comments and queries, I would be glad to help you.

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  1. Set Codec G711.a (PCMA) 8kHz for Europe and use Audio Test (with Earphone) for Quality Voice.