Monday, August 26, 2013

Connect to a Wifi Network with WEP Encryption (Wifi Router) on Windows 7

It was some strange issue that I was able to connect to the Wifi network on one of my friends place on my phone, but I was not able to connect to my laptop, Whenever I tried to connect, It was asking for username and password. I am wondering what is this additional username field.

Did some Google and found that the issue was that the Wifi Router is using the WEP encyption, which is bit old and less secure, and hence windows 7 does not allow such connections, and you need to setup the connection manually. You need to follow below procedure to connect to such a Wifi Network.

Right Click on Wifi Symbol in Windows 7 Task bar, and select Open Network and Sharing Center.

Click on Setup a new connection or network

Select Manually connect to a wireless network

Now fill the SSID of the network with which it is identified (Hostel in this case) and also the password, select WEP as security type.

Now when you click the setup should complete successfully and it should work fine. All names and passwords are case sensitive, so be careful with case when entering. Hope this makes you day. Enjoy. 

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