Friday, November 22, 2013

Virtuous Ten Studio IDE for Reverse Engineering the Apks and Mods

I curse myself for being not aware of this wonderful IDE, which was developed some awesome developers. It's more like an Visual C++ IDE for the Android reverse engineering, it is very clean and make life much easier with its integrated environment and the folder structures it uses, after trying this, AndroidMultitool looks very premitive, never the less, Multitool has one advantage, which came to to help to crack one of the Apks recently, that it allows to sign separately, that way you can add some files inside the apk built and then sign it, which when I tried was not possible with this IDE. But this is not the case always.

Here is a screen shot of how it looks,

  • The best part of this is 
  • The smali sytax highlight and the Java code generation with so much ease, 
  • The tools that are integrated into
  • Easy navigation from the project source path to the binary path etc. 
  • Also best thing is after you have built the binary, you can directly push into the device, no need to copy and install on device, just a click.
  • And You can get the apks directly from the phone without having use another shell prompt or adb to pull them from the /data/app folder.
Overall this makes the job very easy, and hence you spend more time on finding the right thing rather than in doing it. 

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