Saturday, December 11, 2010

Compile C/C++ code in eclipse using makefiles

In Linux, usually compilation is done using makefiles, run in command shell. I use to work on Linux kernel, and in such cases, I use to setup a Samba server for editing and source code browsing was done in windows. But then now I am using only one PC, which is a dual boot for windows and Ubuntu Linux, so I cannot have samba server. I was looking for a IDE in Linux, and found eclipse to be very useful.

I wasn't very familiar with the eclipse IDE and I was trying to setup the compilation using makefiles, initially I had some hiccups but could later configure it easily after generating an example C project from it and following similar methods to write the makefiles.

Here is the method to do it, so it might come handy to you in case if you are trying to use eclipse IDE for compiling C/C++ project using make files.

First create a empty C/C++ project, makefile project, and select the --other tool chain--. keep the project settings to default, as shown in the below figure. Click finish.

Once project is created, as a C file, and a 'makefile'. The makefile tells the make program about how the project should be built, I am giving here the sample make file for the simple HelloWorld.c, which you can further extend as per your use.

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