Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Run Chrome OS on your Laptop from USB

Recently I have run android on laptop, and it was meant for mobile. Google is dedicatedly developing a operating system for netbooks/notebooks. It is Chromium OS or Chrome OS. If most of the time you are spending on internet, and most used program on your PC is a browser, and you want to get online as early as possible from the time you pressed the power button then this is something you need to check it out.

You need to have a spare USB stick, with minimum of 4GB space, and a laptop which can boot from USB. People have developed the image of Chrome OS for usb and uploaded in torrent, you can download it from the torrent.

There is small utility tool provided along with the image, it is called Windows Image Writer, its free and open source, used to write data into USB. What it does it it creates partitions in your usb disk, and then writes the data on the USB, so once written you will see that 3GB space is missing from your USB stick, dont get panic, you can restore it, refer to my blog about deleting oem partition, follow similar procedure, and with the help of windows disk management tool available in computer management section of control panel you will be able to recover it.

It worked for me very well, infact the booting was not that fast, it might be little faster than the ubuntu version 8.04 which I was running, but then we can expect it to be faster once the full version is released. The best part is you can login with your gmail id, if connected to network, otherwise use chronos and password to login. You can see that wifi can be setup, it was working for me, browsing is same as on a chrome browser in linux, and nothing more, only browser in the whole operating system. Have fun trying it out !

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