Monday, September 19, 2011

Install Busybox on Samsung i9003 Galaxy SL

First of all let me tell me if busy box is needed for you. Mostly it is needed because the adb shell does not have most of the commands supported such cp (copy), and it makes it difficult when you want to modify something (if you have rooted already) difficult because of unavailability of the commands support. So it is preferred to have Busy box, which has most of the command support, and if you had worked in Linux you would know what is busy box for.

Usually, you need to copy the busy box binary on to whichever folder you need, with the help of any command line tool, then say busybox --install, it should setup the links for all the commands and should work for you. And you may need to add that path into you PATH variable. Somehow after long search, I could not find any such thing working for me. 

But now that this application names 'busybox installer' does exactly the same, and it needs root permissions (to make it install in /system/xbin/ ) and you have the option to install any version of busybox you wish to.

So my search ends here (somehow I had seen this before, and dint want to do it this way, wanted to do it manually). One you have installed it, it will automatically restart your phone. Now you have all the comands available on your phone when connected to adb. Some commands may still be taken from old toolbox, and if you specifically need busy box one, you can override it by typing busybox before it. 

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