Sunday, September 18, 2011

Replace ADB Shell With Putty

If your phone is rooted, you need ADB (Android Debug Bridge) for accessing the phone over command line. And when on Windows you may not be comfortable running the Linux command prompt on Windows. You can always run a telnet server on your android phone, and connect using the Putty, but this needs lot of work, and its not an easy option. 

There is an easy option with the help of ADB, you need to have a modified Putty for this, which has the ADB connection type to choose from, and then you can use Putty as you normally use to. Thanks for senior XDA member sztupy. sztupy has compiled a Putty binary with most of the settings pre-set. Here is a snap shot of the same for your reference.


All you need to do is to set the host name to 'transport-usb' as shown and if port number did not come automatically set it to '5037' and you are done. 

Connect the phone using usb cable ans set the debugging mode on, as you normally do to use with ADB, you can enjoy the familiar Putty interface.

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