Monday, September 19, 2011

Samsung Touch Wiz 4.0 Look and Feel

This post is dedicated for showing the Look and Feel of Touch Wiz 4.0 Running on Galaxy SL (i9003). If you follow my previous post, absolutely there are no bugs, no lags, and only excitement !!

Here are few screen captures for showing all the features

 Fig 1: Picture showing home screen, if you observe, you can add as many icons as you want in the dock below. And the look and feel of home icon is updated.

Fig 2 : Picture showing the app drawer, you can see that instead of black now you have the transparent screen, and icon tiles have been removed, in fact you have option to enable or disable the same

 Fig 3 : Home screen widgets are more standardized and looks more like Galaxy S-II, I usually don't like widgets and only widget I use is weather bug.

Fig 4: Wallpaper options are more neat and clean, and it looks much better as show above.

Fig 5 : App drawer editing is also improved and you can specify the number of columns and rows and also the number of icons. The best part is if some one likes to have folders then that option is also allowed. There is unofficial version named as Touch WIz 4.5 also available in XDA which seems to be modified a lot, and so, I do not recommend, but it does have lot of other enhancements.

The icon tiles can be enabled to have backdrops for each icon, but it seems to be randomly picking the tiles from somewhere. I myself have opened the apk file in 7zip and see that most of the apps have well defined backdrops/tiles, but the TouchWiz 4.0 is messing up with it, and seems to be mismatch when it picks the icon tiles, so you may not be very impressed with icon tiles, you may have to live with it. I absolutely have no idea how they are picking the icon tiles at this point, if someone knows and why it behaves like this please do let me know.

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